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White Papers

Spectrum White Paper: What We Have Heard From 1300 Seniors

Spectrum conducts focus groups with qualified prospective and active residents as part of our consumer research and marketing and sales planning. Over the past three years, we have held approximately 125 focus groups with an average of 10 – 12… continue reading

Occupancy Solutions Part 5: Managing Marketing Metrics

We are delighted to share with you the fifth in a series of White Papers written by Spectrum to assist senior living communities in identifying new prospective residents and advancing them through the sales process. In this article, we stress… continue reading

Occupancy Solutions Part 4: “Right Pricing” the CCRC

A common mistake made by CCRCs is to begin a design-driven master planning process before knowing how to optimize pricing and operations.  A critical review almost always yields ideas to increase profit margin that can be “spent” to position the… continue reading

Occupancy Solutions Part 3: Qualify Prospects by Net Worth

In this third paper in our series, we present preliminary results from a national survey conducted by Spectrum to find new and better ways to qualify prospective residents.  If we have to work twice as hard, we need to be… continue reading

Occupancy Solutions Part 2: Integrated Communications

If you had only one sentence to describe the value of living in your retirement community, what would it be?   Integrated marketing communications is a process to create and consistently deliver to the consumer a salient message of the value… continue reading

Occupancy Solutions Part I: Reality

No one believes the ever-appreciating housing market will return (nor should it) and we are learning to adjust to the new pace required to obtain required occupancy. Having accepted this new order, Spectrum has developed a five-part white paper series… continue reading

Spectrum White Paper: What Community is Recession-Proof?

In Spectrum’s national practice, we have the opportunity to become familiar with a wide variety of continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs). Although no community is recession-proof, the organizational characteristics of the communities most able to weather the ecocnomic downtown are… continue reading

Spectrum White Paper: Continuous Capital Improvement

“If you don’t like change, you’re going to like irrelevance even less.” – General Eric Shinseki, Chief of Staff, U.S. Army At Spectrum Consultants, Inc., we appreciate the opportunity we have to work with dozens of not-for- profit retirement communities… continue reading

Spectrum White Paper: The Untapped Potential of Philanthropy

Have you tapped all potential resources for funding? The financial needs of retirement communities continue to increase, especially those faced with substantial capital improvement needs.  Retirement communities should no longer view philanthropic support as “nice to have” but rather as… continue reading

Spectrum White Paper: Ensuring the Long Term Sustainability of the CCRC

We at Spectrum recently reflected on the white paper written October 10, 2008: Showing Leadership in the Midst of Financial Turmoil. Conversation at AAHSA that year focused on speculating how long the drop in housing values and financial market instability… continue reading