The value proposition to utilizing Spectrum’s Community Planning Services is to focus your energies and resources on an innovative, efficient, and interactive process.  Involvement of stakeholders and partners in effective plan development will save you substantial time and money. For planning in retirement housing we coordinate your product and service development utilizing market research, financial modeling, innovative design, and efficient construction methods.

Our 37 years of experience and strong relationships with industry professionals will guide your organization. We provide personalized, high-level communication to support your community development, thus saving you time and valuable resources.

Products and services offered include:

∗ Board and management strategic scenario planning
∗ Preliminary market research
∗ Financial analysis, financial planning, and financing coordination
∗ Initial consultation on the amenity package and common space programming
∗ Preliminary schematic and site planning (w/ architect partner)
∗ Assembling and coordinating the Professional Development Team (architects, interior designers, engineers, contractors, investment bankers, feasibility consultants, actuaries, marketing firms, legal counsel, and others)
∗ Operations assessment
∗ Balance expectations of management, the board, the design team, and marketing related to product positioning and pricing
∗ Coordinate the development of the strategic marketing plan
∗ Staffing levels
∗ Residence mix and pricing
∗ Service and product enhancement consulting (hospitality, wellness, health care, dining, environmental)