Our unique, multi-disciplined approach to CCRC marketing linked with our relationship based approach to sales is more fruitful than traditional advertising-based strategies.  We approach marketing as both an art and a science.

We listen to the market, position your product, cultivate relationships, and build community networks to earn the trust required to build the resident relationship. Spectrum achieves exceptional sales and occupancy results while minimizing attrition.

The 12 Key Elements of Our Marketing Approach:

1.  A Strategic, Nimble Marketing Plan
2.  A Realistic Marketing Budget
3.  Distinctive Sales Team
4.  Productive Lead Generation
5.  A Unique Referral and Networking Program
6.  Persuasive Information Meetings
7.  Enticing Integrated Communications
8.  An Exemplary Marketing Environment
9.  Effective Reporting
10.  Influential Professional Development
11.  Judicious Move-In Coordination
12.  Intentional Retention