Once you have established the Community’s Plan, Spectrum’s Project Management Services will help you move efficiently from concept to reality. Our goal is simply to execute and manage the development process, and deliver the project on-time, fully occupied, and on-budget.

Project Management services offered include:

∗ Facilitate the creation of the development plan
∗ Facilitate the development plan’s implementation
∗ Coordinate and facilitate the work of the Professional Development Team (PDT)
∗ Coordinate detailed planning on the amenity package and common spaces
∗ Plan and manage the team meetings
∗ Market research and pricing review
∗ Coordinate updates to financial models and needed financial support
∗ Define and organize the parameters for decision-making for development issues
∗ Prepare and coordinate the development budget
∗ Monitor the architects, designers, and contractors schedules and work
∗ Facilitate the GMP process
∗ Coordinate the value engineering process
∗ Coordinate with implementation of the marketing plan
∗ Review and implement pricing changes
∗ Develop and implement the process for options and upgrades
∗ Establish the operational program and opening procedures
∗ Provide the resources of agreements, handbooks, disclosure statements, application forms, marketing materials, service contracts, policies and procedures