Spectrum embraces a culture of wellness. Technology and wellness are leading change for the senior living industry.  We believe that Life Plan Communities are well-positioned to become integrated wellness providers.

The 8 Dimensions of Wellness:

Social: Developing a sense of connection, belonging, and a well-developed social support system
Physical: Caring for your body and recognizing the need for physical activity, choosing a healthy diet and getting adequate sleep
Emotional: Managing your emotions in a constructive way; understanding and respecting your own feelings, values and attitudes; appreciating the feelings of others.
Spiritual: Discovering and expanding your sense of purpose and meaning in life
Intellectual: Maintaining a curiosity for learning; recognizing creative abilities and finding ways to expand knowledge and skills
Environmental: Discovering awareness of how your behavior impacts the earth and how the physical world impacts you; a commitment to a healthy and sustainable environment
Occupational: Developing a sense of your strengths, skills, values and interests for your career or volunteer work
Financial: Understanding and planning for financial prosperity and legal security

Spectrum is excited to bring you WELLZESTA LIFE™, an innovative life management platform being used daily by seniors.  To learn more, visit wellzesta.com.

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